Choose your theme!

With 14 different themes to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your note business objectives and personality! You also get to select the photos and have us add your existing logo to make the site unique.

The good news is that you can’t make a bad pick! Every theme comes complete with pre-loaded content and articles, FAQ’s for note sellers, and even a complete Note Submission Worksheet right online!

Special Note:  Themes 6 through 14 all use mobile responsive design while themes 1 through 5 are fixed width.  If you want to learn more about mobile responsive design please visit our FAQ page.

Click any of the images below for a LIVE preview!


NEW!!! Theme Demo 14 – Connection


CONNECTION – (Theme 14) – Inspire visitors to connect online! An eye-catching call to action encourages scrolling through the storyboard layout. Making a connection is easy with a built-in contact form on the home page and colorful contact info at the bottom of every page.

The Connection Theme is mobile responsive, integrates with social media, and provides unlimited color options for easy customization.


NEW!!! Theme Demo 13 – Focus


FOCUS – (Theme 13) – Remove distractions with streamlined design! A generous use of white space on the home page keeps visitors focused on your message. This clean look extends to interior pages utilizing a single column (no side-bar) layout.

The Focus Theme is mobile responsive, integrates with social media, and is available in 5 colors including Green, Orange, Red, Black, and Blue (shown).



NEW!!! Theme Demo 12 – Storyboard


STORYBOARD – (Theme 12) – Tell your story in a narrative style with a modern visual look. The simple vertical design of the Storyboard theme lets you share information in a natural flow that positions your services as the solution.

The Storyboard theme is mobile responsive, integrates with social media, and is available in Blue, Green, Orange, Red or custom colors to match your logo.


NEW!!! Theme Demo 11 – Assurance


ASSURANCE – (Theme 11) – Let people know you are here to help with the professional and clean lines of the Assurance theme. With a contact form right on the home page and your phone number in the header you are just a call or click away.

The Assurance Theme is mobile responsive, integrates with social media, and can be customized to match your logo (or use the default blue/teal logo provided).



Theme Demo 10 – Blog Roll


BLOG ROLL – (Theme 10) – Put the focus on your content! The Blog Roll Theme features the most recent posts and articles from your blog right on the home page.

This site combines mobile responsive design and social media icons with the look and feel of a traditional business blog.


Theme Demo 9 – Personal


PERSONAL – (Theme 9) – Make business personal! The modern design of the Personal Theme uses friendly images to make your business approachable and accessible. Want more personalization? Customize with your company logo or photos for a unique look.

This theme is mobile responsive, integrates social media icons, and is available in 5 colors including Green, Orange, Red, Teal, and Blue (shown).



Theme Demo 8 – Proficiency


PROFICIENCY – (Theme 8) – The Proficiency Theme is a slick new page-based theme that is great for anyone wanting to give their website a clean and professional look.

If you are looking for a simple and elegant layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly, then Proficiency is the theme for your note business.


Theme 7 – News


NEWS – (Theme 7) – News is a theme with two simple goals. Educate the potential client and have them get a hold of you…quick.Your contact info and any social media accounts are quickly at someone’s fingertips (or is that “mousetips?”) – Great theme for adding or featuring a variety of articles or topics.

The News Theme is mobile responsive, integrates social media icons, and is available in 5 colors including Red, Orange, Teal, Green, and Blue (shown).



Theme 6 – Responsive


RESPONSIVE – (Theme 6) – How nice would it be if all things were as attentive and adaptable as the Note Buyer Sites “Responsive” theme. It adapts not only to screen size but is easy to customize with your logo and custom photos.

This theme is mobile responsive, integrates social media icons, and is available in seven colors including Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, and Blue (shown).


Theme 5 – Envy


ENVY – (Theme 5) – Let’s not forget this is a people business and “Envy” does just that. A great site with extra large photos leaves the visitor with a “people person” impression. With a name like “Envy,” we had to showcase the Green.

This is a fixed width theme available in Green, Blue, Gray, and Maroon.



Theme 4 – Education


EDUCATION – (Theme 4) – A robust site with classic design, “Education” hits the visitor with the impression of solid content. This fixed width theme also supports a unique “email us” widget right on the home page.


Theme 3 – Main St.


MAIN ST. – (Theme3) – Friendly and warm, “Main Street” blends photos with content to create a welcoming feeling. A fixed width theme that is clean and simple to navigate.



Theme 2 – Icon


ICON – (Theme 2) – The most streamlined of themes available, “Icon” still packs a punch with articles on the site – just not cluttering up the home page. This fixed width site uses clean “icons” that make it easy for visitors to navigate and get a hold of you.


Theme 1 – Carousel


CAROUSEL – (Theme 1) – This theme showcases a carousel of thumbnail photos that scroll the featured areas. It also packs a surprising amount of content on the home page without overwhelming the viewer. This fixed width theme is available in Blue and Gray.